सन 1893 में स्थापित देहली हिन्दुस्तानी मर्कन्टाइल एसोसिएशन (रजि.), 1210 / 16, चांदनी चौक, दिल्ली -06 थोक कपड़ा व्यापारियों कि सेवा में संलग्न शीर्ष व्यापारिक संस्था जो कपड़ा व्यापर-व्यापारियों के हित में अपना गतिशील नेतृत्व प्रदान करते हुए, व्यापर संवर्धन-व्यापारिक विवादों का निपटारा, स्थानीय निकायों, प्रशासन एवं व्यापारियों के 120 वर्षो के


History 1969 to 1993

The Annual General Meeting of All India Textile Traders Mahasangh was held in Bombay in which Shri Brij Bhushan Saran, President DHMA was elected the President. In the AGM many proposals for the welfare of trade were passed and send to government for consideration.  With little changes in 1970-71 and 72 Shri Brij Bhushan sharan remained the President and Shri Ganpat Rai the Secretary.

After the sad demise of diligent leader Shri Ganpat Rai on 4.11.73 Shri Gauri Shanker Mundra was nominated the Secretary. In 1975 Shri Brij Bhushan Saran was re-elected the President and Shri Gauri Shanker Mundra Secretary.

Association kept making efforts to solve the old problems. This year Municipal Corporation did not gave the license for warehousing which caused prom to many traders. Association requested the concern officers that warehousing licenses should be given without delay.

In 1976 Shri Brij Bhushan Saran remained the President and Shri Suraj Singh became the Secretary from 27.1.73. Association kept struggling for the old demands like removal of sale tax on silk, license of warehousing by Municipal Corporation. In 1977 elections Shri Mahender Kumar Bansal was elected as Secretary.

In 1978 Shri Gauri Shanker Mundra was elected the President and Shri Mahender Kumar Bansal remained the Secretary. To maintain Law & Order in Chandni Chowk demand for establishing Police station in Chandni Chowk was made. On 7.10.78 very big conference against sale tax was called in Ramlila Maidan. Finance Minister Shri H.M Patel came to the conference and listened to the prolems and corruption created due to sale tax.

In 1979 Shri Chander Mohan Grover was elected the President and Shri Mahender Kumar Bansal the Secretary. This year association got the license to sell Non-Judicial Stamp paper and Court Fees Stamp.

In1980 no changes were seen in the executive committee. An agitation by traders was seen in whole of North India against sale tax. The movement became fierce as a result police lathi charged defenseless traders, many traders were badly injured and one trader died also. The high handedness of police made the traders call foe Delhi Band and Bharat Band on 26 November, which was totally successful. A huge rally passing through the markets reached Ramlila Maidan and turned into a Public Assembly. The public meeting appealed to all the political parties that whichever party wants to come to power should include removal of sale tax in their election manifesto.

This year an All India Traders Conference was organized in FICCI auditorium which was inaugurated by owner of D.C.M. Shri Bhagat Ram.

In 1981 Shri Chader Mohan Gover was elected the President and Shri Mahender Kumar Bansal the secretary. Little changes were seen in the executive.

In 1982 & 1983 no major change was seen in the executive. No major event also took place in 1981, 1982 & 1983; the regular works of association were taken care of.
Some important people who association in these years were Shri N.K. Modi & Shri Arvind Bhai famous industrialists, Police Commissioner Shri Bhinder, Shri R. Tiwar & Smt. Kiran Bedi Deputy Commissioner of Police etc.

Shri Harkishan Lal Bhagat State Minister for Housing and Building was welcomed by association in National Club. Members of Parliament, Representatives from many Trade Associations, MCD Councilors participated in this. In the program Shri Bhagat gave assured that he will give his full support in construction of Bhawan for DHMA.

In this period a section of antisocial people started selling cloth of famous Mills by printing fake seal on it. The complaint reached the association; they requested the market to inform them about such people so that immediate action can be taken. In 1982 trucks of Uttar Pradesh went on strike, this caused heavy loss to the traders. Association met the Central Transport Minister Shri Virender Patil and U.P. chief Minister Shri Vishwa Nath Pratap Singh regarding this and requested him to end the strike.

President of FICCI Shri J.K. Devrajlu, Police Commissioner Shri Bajrang Lal, Lt. Governor Shri Sunder Lal Khurana & Shri Jagmohan, Income Tax Commissioner Shri C.K. Tikku came to the association.

On 14 May 1982 DHMA organized a camp to distribute free food to poor people in Chandni Chowk, this was supported by all the members.

The 91st Annual General Meeting of DHMA was successfully completed on 24.2.84; the same executive committee was repeated.

Sugar, cloth and tobacco were exempted from sale tax but this year Tamilnadu Government imposed Entry Tax on these items  when they to Tamilnadu from outside. Association opposed this and sent a memorandum to Tamilnadu Governmnt. Traders of Tamilnadu went on three days strike against this order and got arrested; Tamilnadu Governmnt tried to suppress the traders. Association appealed to the traders throughout the country to oppose this policy. Honorable President of India Gyani Jail Singh was also requested not to pass this Bill.

In 1984 with some changes in the executive Shri Chandra Mohan Grover became the President, Shri Mahender Kumar Bansal became the Secretary, Shri Ram Prakash Seth Senior Vice President, Shri Ugrasen Singhal Junior Vice President, Shri Pren Chand Gadodia Joint Secretary and Shri Ramkumar Maheshwari Treasurer. These days due to shortage of warehousing license some MCD officers started threatening traders. DHMA invited Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal, Deputy Mayor and requested him to change the attitude of MCD officers.

This year Shri Jag Pravesh Chandra, Chief Executive Councilor, President of Metropolitan Council Shri Purushottam Das, Executive Councilor Shri Bansi Lal Chauhan, FICCI Presiednt Shri Ashok Jain, Police Commissioner Shri Subhash Tandon, DCP Shri A.K. singh, ACP Shri P. Shrivastava, Income Tax Commissioner Shri R. Kapoor were invited to the association and solved the problems related to their respective departments.

After the assassination of Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 31 November 1984 public of Delhi became furious. Riots were seen in the city, markets were closed, and curfew was imposed. An atmosphere of insecurity and mistrust was created. Association discussed the issue and to create an atmosphere of faith, love and harmony on 6 December 1984 DHMA took out a Grand Peace Mach. This changed the atmosphere of the city.

President of DHMA Shri Chandra Mohan Grover was elected the President of All India Textile Traders Association. This year President of FICCI Shri Ram Kishan Das Bajaj, Income Tax Commissioner Shri D.V. Ahuja, Police Commissioner Shri Subash Tandon came to the association and addressed the members.

In 1986 elections the same executive came to power with Shri Chandra Mohan Grover as President. On 31 May 1985 a delegation with Deputy Mayor Smt. Anjana Kanwar met Prime Minister Shri Rajeev Gandhi and requested hi for removal of Sale Tax on Silk. Shri Gandhi gave them assurance and instructed the concern department take due action.

This year association gave memorandum to concern departments regarding important issues like corruption in Banks, problems of telephone and electricity and high-handedness of MCD.

According the new policy rates were printed on fabric from 12.8.1985. All India Textile Traders Conference was called regarding this issue. Ex-Prime Minister Shri Chandra Shekhar addressed the conference. Shri Chandra Mohan Grover, President and Shri Mahendra Kumer Bansal represented the association in the conference and appealed for serious thought to this issue.

This year Lt. Governor of Delhi Shri Harkishan Kapoor, Shri Deep Chand Bandhu, Chairman Standing Committee MCD, Police Commissioner Shri Ved Barua, DCO Shri S.K. Singh and many other prestigious people came to the association.

The 94th Annual General meeting of association concluded on 24 February 1987, last year executive with little changes was re-elected. Three Group Housing Societies were formed and registered with Delhi Government. Association requested the members to become the members of group housing societies so that the problem of housing to an extent.

Some anti social agents were creating disturbance in the market. Receiving complaint about such agents association started a campaign to control agents. It requested the members to trade only through registered agents. Agents who were working in the market without the certificate were requested to obtain agency certificate from DHMA. Thus such antisocial agents were removed from the market.

On 21.1.86 Association distributed blankets to Leprosy Patients and assured them of help in future also. Cabinet Minister for Textile Shri Khurshid Alam Khan, Shri Ram Prasah Goyenka, Shri Shamim Ahmed Siddiqui MPs, Chief Executive Councilor  any many other important people came the association.

In the leadership of Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal a delegation met Prime Minister Shri Rajeev Gandhi on 14.4.86 and requested him for providing warehousing license fro MCD and removal of Sale Tax on Silk as early as possible.

The 95th annual General meeting concluded on 27.21988 which was Presided over by Lt. Governor Shri H.N. Kapoor. Shri Chandra Mohan Grover was re-elected President and Shri Mahender Kumar Bansal, Secretary.

This year Honorable Shri Ramaswamy Vainktaram was elected the President of India, association congratulated him prayed for his long life.

The 96th Annual General Meeting of DHMA concluded on 25.2.89 in which hri Chandra Mohan Grover was re-elected President and Shri Mahender Kumar Bansal, Secretary, Shri Suresh Bindal were elected the Senior Joint Secretary, Shri Sudershan Kumar junior Joint Secretary and shri Rati Ram Gotewale Treasurer.

This year Municipal Corporation of Delhi passed a Bill to amend Sale Tax Act. MCD got the right to impose Tax according to the value of goods coming inside Delhi, before this amendment tax was imposed according to the weight of the goods. This looked like a preplanned scheme to end the distribution character of Delhi. The officers had the right to increase one percent tax on the value of goods any time they want to increase.
Association with deep discussion on this amendment opposed the amendment. Delegation of the association met Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chief Executive Councilor Shri Jag Pravesh Chandra any many other leaders to express their opposition for the amendment and said that the amendment should be taken back immediately otherwise strong movement will start against this government will be totally responsible for such an action by the traders. Understanding the need of the hour Shri Jag Pravesh Chandra after discussion with the traders cancelled the amendment and saved the distribution system of Delhi.

Income Tax expert shri Lakhitia, Police Commissioner Shri Brijesh Gupta and many other senior officers and leaders came to the association this year.

On 4th August 1990 the 97th Annual General Meeting of the association concluded. The same executive with little changes came to power again. No special event happened this year. Delegation of the association met Lt. Governor Shri Arjun singh, Shri Madhu Dandvate, Shri H.K.L. Bhagat, Shri Jagpravesh Chandra, Shri Bansi Lal Chauhan and discussed isuues related to their department. All the leaders gave assurance to give full support to the association.

The 98th Annual General Meeting concluded on 29th June 1991 which was inaugurated by Lt. Governor Shri Markandey. This year Shri Tilak Raj Kapoor was elected the President and shri Pawan Kumar Bansal the Secretary. Shri Ganpat Rai became the Senior Vice President, Shri Brij Mohan Gupta Vice President, Shri Suresh Bindal Senior Joint Secretary, Shri Arun Singhania Joint Secretary and Shri Parmanand Goyal Treasurer. Shri Suresh Bindal took charge of Bulletin’s Editor.

Federation of All India Chamber of Commerce and Industries organized an All India Traders Conference in Calcutta. In the leadership of Shri Tilak Raj Kapoor a delegation from DHMA took part in it. Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal, Shri Shadilal Kapoor, Shri Vishwanath Khanna, Shri Jagdish Sharma, Shri Chetan Sharma, and Shri Ugrasen Singhal were part of delegation.

In 1992 Constitution of DHMA was amended and elections were to be held biennia. So elections were not held this year and previous executive continued.

The 98th Annual General Meeting of the Association was inaugurated by Lt. Governor Shri Makkandey Singh. On the occasion Member of Parliament Shri Baikunth Lal Sharma ‘Prem’ was also present.

Cabinet Minister for Textile Shri G. Vainktaswamy was welcomed by association in Town Hall, Chandni Chowk. Problems faced by textile traders were brought to his knowledge he gave assurance to give his total support to traders.

Bombay Peace Goods Mahajan organized a Textile Fair. Famous Mills who has gained name and fame in textile sector in the whole country due to their product and quality participated in it. Mills like Raymonds, J.K., Dhanna etc. organized a fashion show. The importance and splendor of fair was appreciated widely.

Association received an invitation to participate in the fair. Under the leadership of Shri Tilak Raj Kapoor a delegation comprising of Shri Vishwanath Khanna, Shri Chetan Sharma and Shri Ugrasen Singhal went to fair.

In the leadership of Shri Tilak Raj Kapoor traders leaders met Prime Minister Shri Rajeev Gandhi and requested him to remove Sale Tax on Silk and told him about the problems faced by traders. Prime Minister gave assurance for appropriate action. Shri K.N. Modi, Shri Vishnu Hari Dalmia and Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal were also present on the occasion.
This year Government of India decided to give State status to Delhi. Government gave assurance to traders that their demands will be duly fulfilled.

DHMA concluded its 99th Annual General Meeting on 1 June 1993. In the elections Shri Tilak Raj Kapoor was elected unopposed the President and Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal the Secretary along with other executive members of previous year.
On completion of 100 years in 1993 association decided to celebrate this year as Centenary year. For successful Centenary Celebration responsibility was given to executive members and prestigious members.

Delhi Assembly elections were held and Shri Madan Lal Khurana became the Chief Minister. Chief Minister with his associates Shri Sahib Singh Verma, Shri Lal Bihari Tiwari, Shri Jagdish Mukhi, Shri H.S. Balli, Shri Surendrapal Ratawal and Dr. Harsh Vardhan were welcomed by association in Community Center (Near Hardayal Library). Newly elected MLAs Shri Vasudev Captan, Shri Satish Chandra Khandelwal, Shri Harun Yusoof were also welcomed.

Chairman of Direct Taxes Shri R. Shivaswamy came to the association this year. Income Tax related problems were brought to his notice; Association also demanded that their one representative should be there in Direct Tax Board like before. He gave assurance of finding solutions to the problems brought to his notice. DCP Police shri Shrivastava, Sardar Rachpal Singh and Ex- Home Minister Sardar Buta Singh also came to the association.

DHMa working committee decided to celebrate 1993-94 as the Centenary year. Centenary Celebrations began with Ganesh Pujan on 24.3.1993. Some of the important events during the Centenary Celebrations were:-

  • Cultural program and Fashion Show on 21.8.93 in Talkatora Stadium
  • Diwali Mela in Qudsia Park, Kashmiri Gate on 7.11.94.
  • Markets from Red Fort to Fatehpuri, Cloth Market, Chandni Chowk and all tha Katras were decorated from 21st to 23rd March 1994.
  • Get together was organized on 2nd March 1994. Blankets were distributed to every worker. In the evening Kavi Sammelan was organized on Town Hall Chowk.
  • All India Traders Conference was organized in FICCI on 22nd March 1994. Ex-President of FICCI Sardar Raunaq Singh Presided over the conference. Many trade related proposals were passed in it.
  • DHMA was welcomed in 8, Prithvi Raj Road on completing 100 years.
  • Centenary Celebrations concluded on 23rd March 1994 in FICCI Auditorium. Lt. Governor Sh. P.K. Dave inaugurated it. The Souvenir was released on the occasion. Memento was presented to 50- 100 years old Firms and traders serving DHMA for more than 25 years.