About DHMA

Delhi Hindustani Merchantile Association is an association of Cloth Traders, Textile Mill Owners, Bankers, Transporters and Importers working from more than 125 years. DHMA has got a history of more than 125 years but the official records are available only from 1893 when DHMA came into force on papers. Its formation was during the British rule in India.

Office Bearer Corner

Arun Kumar Singhania


Sh. Mukesh Sachdeva

General Secretary


Sh. Shiv Shankar Mittal

Sr. Vice President


Sh. Shri Bhagwan Bansal

Vice President


Sh. Virendra Mukin



Sh. Bhim Sen Dhingra

Joint Secretary


Sh. Vinod Kumar Sharma



Sh. Ram Kishan Sharma

Sanghtan Mantri


Sh. Neeraj Kant Bansal

Prachar Mantri

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